Essilor® Sun Solution™ X Oscar & Frank Eyewear Beyond the Ordinary

Oscar & Frank Eyewear exclusively uses the highest quality lenses by world renowned French lens manufacturer Essilor® Sun Solution™, a leader in sun lens technology who reinvent the magic of vision in the sun. Much more than ordinary sun lenses, our lenses are at the cutting edge of technology and fashion, to give you an unparalleled optical experience.
We have created sun lenses that are both technical and aesthetic, which transform and adapt to all sunlight conditions. Regardless of your surroundings, our innovative CR39 & APX (Nylon) lenses will give you an unparalleled optical experience, from day to day and during the most extreme situations.
“Oscar & Frank sun lenses by Essilor are designed to be the most extraordinary component of sun glasses. They react and transform themselves according to the surrounding environment to enhance vision in the heat of action and to be at the forefront of fashion"
Beyond technical performance: we make our sun lenses a genuine fashion accessory. Supported by top design firms and the best optical experts, we pair trend analysis with optical performance.
The result? We have created an unparalleled sun lenses featuring 100% protection against harmful UVA & UVB rays white maintaining 100% optically correct vision so our customers can enjoy seeing with the pleasure of being seen.

European: EN 12312:2013

American: ANSI Z80.2:2010

Australian/New Zealand: AS/NZS 1067 2016