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Oscar & Frank Eyewear stands as Australia’s top premium eyewear label.  Each frame  is designed 100% in-house, and hand crafted to perfection with the worlds finest materials sourced from Italy, France & Germany. Setting a new standard in eyewear. 

Our frames are handmade exclusively by the worldwide leader in the manufacturing luxury eyewear. This small family-owned manufactor provide Cellulose Acetate. Each frame undergoes over 50 intricate steps, spanning a rigorous 90-day journey from concept to completion. It’s a testament to our shared values of quality and ethics.

Oscar & Frank Eyewear exclusively uses the highest quality lenses by renowned French lens manufacturer Essilor® Sun Solution™, a world leader in sun lens technology. We have created an unparalleled sun lenses that are not only stylish but provide 100% protect against harmful UVA/UVA rays.

Join us in seeing the world through a lens of unparalleled quality and style.