A leader in optics ZEISS is a global leader across multiple segment of lens technology including camera lenses, nasa telescope lenses, medical device lenses and now an exclusive collaboration between ZEISS and OSCARXFRANK sun lenses.
ZEISS lenses are manufactured in accordance with international standards and other more stringent standards are set internally by ZEISS.
They are tested to ensure excellent performance and maximum protection of your eyes from UV rays and atmospheric agents.
Check for the engraved mark on each lens: this assures the uniqueness and authenticity of the ZEISS Sunlens technology www.zeiss.com/sunlens

Proven experience in sun protection

ZEISS has over 175 years of experience and a host of revolutionary innovations in various fields of optics behind our name. The brand is synonymous with excellence and quality – the same DNA you will find in our sun lenses.
The semi-visible engraved “Z” logo on each lens guarantees the uniqueness and authenticity of the certified ZEISS Sunlens technology.

Your customers will benefit from an exceptional visual experience with ZEISS sunglasses lenses. Our products incorporate materials, designs, colours and treatments that are always in line with current trends, and offer 100% UV protection at the same time. ZEISS has always been committed to producing lenses that offer excellent performance in every aspect.


High quality standards in sun lenses production

The superior optics and product innovation contained in each lens is the result of experience and continuous investments in Research & Development to offer customers very high quality sunglasses lenses. .
In addition to complying with the main international standards of the sunglasses industry, ZEISS Sunlens has set further, even stricter internal parameters for its products: abrasion, resistance, durability and visual acuity.  Consumers benefit from this through high clarity and resolution, visual comfort and safety, and good lens durability over an extended period of time.